About us

About us

How it all started

Anybee was founded in 2015. Initially, the company was called DESK.WORKS Spaces with the unicorn logo, symbolizing us as "unicorn startups." However, after several years of successful development, DESK.WORKS encountered severe problems in their application. In this regard, Anybee CEO Waldemar Ariel Gala decided to re-launch the brand to begin a new chapter in the life of the organization..

That is how Anybee was born. In the summer of 2019, our team began to plan the rebranding process. We came with the name Anybee, which thanks to phonetic analysis, we decipher as "anywhere being" - "to be anywhere", which meets the most urgent needs of modern society - the need for mobility and flexibility. Anybee is the solution to this problem..

Currently, most of the work is remote and mobile due to the trend of globalization. So, the concept of coworking space appears. Space where you can come and get everything you need and even more than your traditional office can offer. Our company offers you more than 1000 options for workplaces and conference rooms around the world. We maintain the high standards for everyone who joins our partner's network to provide our customers with the most satisfying and easy way of finding the place for work..

To change the way we used to work. Show and promote to people a new world of work. The world where we are not living to work, we are working to live. The world where people's work is not evaluated by their look, gender, nationality, or skin color. They are reviewed by the result they bring for their employers.
We want all people to be able to work anywhere at any time without a schedule. People should be getting paid for the amount of work, not the hours. Our brand plans to become something else than a workspace rental service. Our ultimate goal is to make all people free to work anywhere at any time without a schedule. We want you to be able to get demanded specialist, job, place to work using only one service - Anybee.

We stand for:

We are professionals. We decide when, where,
and what time we need to finish our task.
The more we share, the more we have.
Each new connection is another opportunity to grow.
We are doing our work because we love it.
We should be free to choose where, when,
and for whom we are working.
Living in an international environment without
losing our local, unique aspects.