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Why us?

Office locations
all around the
Countries on
this planet
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No registration fees

Join our community for free and cancel membership anytime. You have the freedom to resign from the service whenever you want.

The worldwide network of partners

With Anybee, you can work all around the world. We are always expanding our network with new partners who will satisfy the requirements of our users. To see the list of available places, visit our locations secton

Meet fantastic people

Get an opportunity to connect with the people who share the same values as you, from whom you can learn something new. People with whom you can collaborate and, maybe, create something innovative!

High standard
coworking spaces

We demand high standards from everyone who joins our partners network, to provide our customers with the most satisfying and easy way of finding the place for work. All our spaces will guarantee you a clean seat, a fast connection to the internet, and a warm, friendly environment.

FREE basic plan

The first two check-ins are for free! No hidden payments, no commission, no subscription plan!

Be healthy and productive

Recent studies prove that 82% of people who work from coworking space reported being happier as a result of working from shared space. 83% reported being less lonely. 84% are more engaged and motivated.