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These Terms and Conditions apply to the Mobile Application and the Website of anybee Services, as well as to the Services available through them. Using the Website and Mobile Application is possible subject to acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions define the types and scope of services provided electronically, the conditions for the provision of the above services, as well as the conditions for concluding and terminating contracts for the provision of these services and the complaint procedure.


Meaning of the phrases used in the Terms and Conditions:

1.Mobile Application - anybee Services mobile application designed for mobile devices (in particular smartphones, tablets) with the Android and iOS operating systems,

2.Office or Office space - premises, rooms and individual work stations, for the purposes of conducting business activities, conducting trainings, conferences etc. as part of co-working, presented for rent on the Website or Mobile Application. 

3. Consumer - a User who is a natural person and performs legal action with the Service Provider outside the scope of an business activity.

4. Account - a separate part of the Website or Mobile Application made available and maintained for an individual User, in which User data is collected, enabling the use of Services that are not available without creating an Account, in particular enabling making Reservations.

5. Login and Password - a string of characters constituting a combination of letters and numbers as well as other symbols, provided by the User during Registration for identification purposes, necessary to log into the Account.

6.Partner - a User who provides office space offers on the Website.

7.Regulations - these Terms and Conditions of the Website and Mobile Application of anybee Services.

8. Registration – process of creating an Account.

9. Booking - a transaction involving the booking and rental of office space via a Website or Mobile Application.

10. Website - anybee Services website operating in the domain anybee.com also available in a mobile version, administered by Service Provider, which provides information about available offices, enabling booking an office and using other services

11.Services - services provided to the User via the Website and Mobile Application on the principles set out in these Regulations, including in particular the services described in point IV of the Regulations.

12.Service provider – anybee Services Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) with its registered office in Poznań (61-823) at ul. Piekary 12a, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under number 0000615490, NIP: 7831741174, REGON: 3643275100, e-mail: bee@anybee.com

13.User - an entity that has gained access to services provided as part of the Website or Mobile Application on the principles set out in the Regulations.



1. Use of the Website and Mobile Application may take place only on the terms and to the extent specified in these Regulations. The User is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Regulations.

2. Before using the Website or Mobile Application, each User is required to read the Regulations in detail.

3.The Regulations are made available to Users on the Website and Mobile Application in such a way that it is possible to obtain, reproduce and record its content free of charge.

4. By using the Website or Mobile Application shall be understood any action of the User that leads to becoming acquainted with the resources of the Website or Application, or leads to the use of Services.

5. Using some of the Services is not possible without Registration and having a User Account.

6. The User is not entitled to any interference in the structure, form, graphics, content, mechanism of action or any element of the source code of the Website or Mobile Application, as well as modifying the result code of any program included in the Website or Mobile Application, conducting reverse compilation or reverse assembling, making copies of programs and data that are elements of the Website or Mobile Application, independent separation from the entire elements of the Website or Mobile Application of any part thereof, copying and placing it in any other place than where it was originally placed or make changes to the operation of the Website or Mobile Application and any other technical changes without the consent of the Service Provider.

7. It is forbidden for the User to use the Website, Mobile Application, Services in a manner contrary to the law, decency, violating the personal rights of third parties or the Service Provider. The User is not authorized to provide illegal content in the use of the Website or Application

8. The Service Provider reserves the right to place advertising content on the Website and Mobile Application regarding its own products and products and services of third parties.

9. The Service Provider declares that he uses high-quality SSL security certificates that ensure the confidentiality of data transmissions sent by Users, with an insurance sum of EUR 400,000.00.



1. Users with an Account may only be natural persons over 18 years of age and have full legal capacity, legal persons and organizational units without legal personality, but who may acquire rights and incur obligations on their own behalf.

2. The User may set up an Account by registering, that is completing the registration form by providing: name, surname, country and city of residence, tax identification number (in the case of Partners), email address and password, and confirmation of the email address in the manner specified in received correspondence addressed to the e-mail address provided.

3. After accepting the terms of the Regulations, an email shall be sent to the e-mail address provided by the User indicating the method of confirming the Registration and other information required by law, and a User Account shall be created.

4.Access to the Account is possible after providing the e-mail address and password on the Website or Mobile Application.

5. The Account contains data provided by the User during Registration, which can be supplemented or updated at any time. The user is required to provide complete and true data and ensure that it is current

6. The User in order to gain access to all Services provided on the Website and the Mobile Application and the possibility of obtaining relevant offers to the User, may voluntarily provide the following data: company name, position held, User's description, photo, gender, telephone number, exact address, data to the invoice, date of birth.

7. The User shall provide true data. The Service Provider may refuse to provide the Service to a User who has not complied with the obligation to provide current and true data during Registration. The Service Provider is not responsible for providing incorrect data by the User, including data necessary for issuing a VAT invoice. If it is necessary to change the data on a VAT invoice issued for a User who is not a Consumer, which resulted from providing incorrect data by the User, an administrative fee of EUR 10.00 will be charged.

8. The User acknowledges that the Service Provider is not responsible for errors made by the User, in particular in the personal data provided / chosen by him during the Booking, the choice of the office, the date of the reservation.

9. The User is not entitled to use the Accounts of other Users and make his Account available to other persons. The User should protect the Account passwords against unauthorized persons.

10. The Service Provider reserves the right to temporarily block the Account or access to selected Services in the event of a threat to the security of the Booking or Account.

11. If the User sets up more than one account on the Website using different data, in particular different e-mail addresses, in order to benefit from benefits for new users, the Service Provider has the right to block User accounts and in the case of non-Consumer entities charge a fine of ........100 000 $........... ...



1. Through the Mobile Application and the Website, the Service Provider provides the Users with the following services:

a. related to access and the ability to view information about available offices, locations, prices and rental rules,

b. providing, booking and leasing office space,

c. subscription for access to office space,

d. creating and maintaining a User Account.

2. Using most of the Services and functionalities of the Website and Mobile Application is free. The payment on the terms set out in the Regulations applies only to the provision of Offices by Partners and Reservations and rental of office space as well as the use of a subscription for access to office space by all Users.

3. The User, before starting a paid service, will be informed each time about this fact, including the amount of fees or costs, in order to obtain the User's consent to cover them.

4. Office spaces offered through the System are offered and delivered by third parties (Partners). Users use the shared Offices at their own risk.



1. The Booking Service is payable and available only to Users who have undergone Registration and provided correct data enabling the transaction.

2. The Service Provider provides the services of booking office space currently available on the Website or Mobile Application.

3. The payment for the Booking does not include the costs of data transmission on the Internet related to the use of the Service, which the User incurs in accordance with the tariff of the operator whose services he uses.

4. The User orders the Booking and the Service Provider accepts this order via the Mobile Application or Website. The Booking Order is carried out by selecting the available office space using the search engine and indicating the rental date.

5. After selecting the office space and indicating the date of the lease, the User confirms the reservation by clicking the payment button transferring to the website of electronic payments.

6. The Service Provider enables the User to pay for the Booking by credit card or PayPal. Before making the payment, the User receives information about the total payment, about the possible ways of making it, and about the operator's details.

7. The User is obliged to ensure that his credit card or PayPal is operational, active and has sufficient funds to pay for the Services. In the absence of funds, the Service Provider has the right to suspend the implementation of the Service.

8. In the event that due to the lack of funds, the charge will be ineffective, the User shall be obliged to cover these amounts by a transfer to the Service Provider's bank account within 7 days from the date of informing the User about this fact.

9. By making the payment of the appropriate amount, to the appropriate payment account of the Service Provider, the User concludes an office space rental agreement as per the User's indications on the conditions specified in the description of the office space. At the same time, after the payment is accepted by the Service Provider, a Booking confirmation is generated along with the invoice, which is sent to the User's e-mail address. The Service Provider acts as an agent when concluding lease.

10. If the User is obliged to issue a VAT invoice or wishes to take this possibility, he is obliged to inform the Service Provider about this fact before paying the Booking by checking the appropriate box in the System.

11. Payments made through an electronic payment operator require compliance with the regulations set by that operator. The Service Provider is not responsible for errors of electronic payment operators that he does not fault.

12. Additional paid services offered by Partners as part of the available Office are paid on the terms and within the time limits specified by the Partner.

13. The Service Provider does not collect identification data related to the execution of payments, in particular such as payment card data, access data to transactional systems or otherwise affect the payment by the User



1. The Provision of the Office Space Service is payable and available only to Partners, i.e. Users who:

a) have passed the Registration and provided correct data enabling the transaction to be carried out,

b) conduct sole proprietorship, or in the form of a partnership or as a commercial company,

c) have current civil liability insurance covering the subject of their activity, including in the scope of lease of office space

2 The Service of Providing Office Space by Partner allows Users to book them on the Website or Mobile Application.

3. The User becomes a Partner upon adding the first Office to the System. The condition of entering the Office into the System is that the Partner accepts the terms of these Regulations. The Partner's Office becomes available to Users in the System after its acceptance by the Service Provider. The service provider may refuse to accept the Partner's Office, not meeting his requirements.

4. When adding an Office to the System, the Partner is required to provide relevant information about its Office, in particular:

1) location,

2) opening hours,

3) amenities,

4)the availability

5) the rental period, with the shortest unit being a day,

  1. and attach photos and a description of the Office.

5. The Partner is responsible for the correctness of the data regarding his offices. The Service Provider is not responsible for the differences between the description of the Office in the System and the actual state.

6. The payment for the Provision of office space is made on the basis of a commission charged for each transaction of booking office space by users. 

7. After the User selects the Partner's office space and makes the payment to the Service Provider's bank account, the Service Provider transfers the appropriate amount to the Partner after deducting the commission due to the Service Provider. The Partner is responsible for providing a valid bank account for settlements with the Service Provider.

8. The Partner may use other System services, including Reservations, on the same terms as other Users



1. As part of the Subscription Service, the User makes a one-time, monthly fee, under which he receives the option of Office Reservations. The number and scope of Reservations available in the Subscription depends on the selected package. Description of packages is available at https://anybee.com/membership.

2. If you start using the Subscription Service, the User allows the Service Provider to use his data on the User's Account internally for marketing purposes and to contact him.

3. Each User using the Subscription for the first time receives one free Reservation of one of the Offices available in the System. Free booking applies to Office renting for one day. In this case, the Service Provider downloads the User's credit card details without charging a Booking fee.

4. The subscription fee is charged in advance for a given month in the amount determined by the price list. Payment for the subscription fee is made in the same way as payments for Reservation, as specified in point V of the Regulations.

5. Subscription after one month is automatically extended for further periods. If you want to resign from further use of the Subscription Service, you must submit a statement of resignation from further use of the Subscription. 



1. The contract for the provision of electronic services is concluded when the User uses one of the Services described in point IV of the Regulations or by making payment on the terms set out in points V and VII of the Regulations. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period or for the duration of the paid Service.

2. By submitting a declaration of will to read the Regulations, the User agrees to provide services electronically in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations.



1. To use the Website, the User must have:

a. Internet access,

b. e-mail accounts

c. a web browser such as: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera,

To use the full functionality of the Mobile Application, you also need:

d. a mobile device (in particular a smartphone or tablet) with the Android or iOS operating system.

2. Using the Service requires "Cookies" to be saved by the Website server on the User's end device. "Cookies" is an encrypted computer system identifier saved in a text file. These files do not identify the User, they do not process or store personal data. For the operation of "Cookies" it is necessary to accept them by a web browser and not remove them from the disk of the User's end device. Lack of access to "Cookies" may prevent you from using the Service.

3. The Service Provider shall endeavor to make it possible for Users to use the Website and Services using available web browsers. The Service Provider does not guarantee that every configuration option of electronic equipment owned by the User will enable the use of the Website.



1. The Service Provider is not liable for non-performance or improper performance of the Service caused by circumstances beyond his control, i.e.: providing incorrect data when completing the form, based on which the Booking is made, the end devices belonging to the User are defective and access to the Internet is limited or disrupted, as well as other disruptions in the use of the Service resulting from the User's actions contrary to the Regulations.

2. The Service Provider is required to provide Services in a faultless manner. However, the Service Provider is entitled to breaks in making the Website and Mobile Application available in the event of modification, modernization, extension or maintenance of the Website or Mobile Application, the IT system or software of the Service Provider, as well as in the event of force majeure, acts or omissions of third parties and other circumstances beyond the control of the Service Provider.

3. The Service Provider is not responsible for any consequences of improper use by the User of the Website or Mobile Application resources and rented office space, as well as for their use in a manner inconsistent with their purpose.

4. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages caused in the Offices, as well as for third parties staying in the Offices at the invitation of using Users.

5. The Service Provider is not responsible for providing false data by the Partners regarding the Offices, in particular for providing an incorrect address, opening hours, contact details, offered additional services or equipment.

6. The Service Provider shall not be liable for errors in the reservation system arising out of his fault. The Service Provider's compensation for errors in Booking caused by him, may consist of providing the User with the opportunity to use another Booking of similar value free of charge. In the case of Users who are not Consumers, the Service Provider's liability is limited to the above-mentioned compensation.


1. All content and information contained in the System, in particular text, marketing content, information, graphics, software codes or other materials are protected by copyright.

2. The Service Provider does not agree to copy, modify, share or otherwise distribute the content referred to in paragraph 1.



1. The transfer of personal data by the User is voluntary. The User has the right to obtain information about the content of the processed data, as well as the right to correct and delete it at any time, if it is in accordance with applicable law, by contact in electronic form, to the email address bee@anybee.com or in writing to the address ul. Piekary 12a, 61-823 Poznan.

2. Providing true and current personal data is necessary for the implementation of the Reservation service and the Subscription service. The basis for processing the User's personal data by the Service Provider is:

  • User's consent expressed during account registration,
  • the necessity of data to perform the contract, if you use the services referred to in point IV para. 1 lit. b and c of these Regulations.

3. Considering the type of services provided by the Service Provider, the personal data processed include: name, surname, e-mail address, country and city, and, if the User provides this data voluntarily: gender, telephone number, exact address, date birthday. The service provider does not process sensitive data.

4. The processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR and the Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1781).

5. In accordance with art. 13 section 1-2 GDPR - the Service Provider informs that:

a) Desk.works Spaces Limited Company is the Administrator of personal data,

b) Providing personal data is not a statutory requirement,

c) Personal data will be processed to the extent necessary to perform the purpose of consent, i.e.

  • conclusion of a contract for the provision of electronic services between the Service Provider and the User,
  • providing the services indicated in point IV of the Regulations,
  • marketing activities undertaken by the Service Provider in accordance with the law,

based on Article. 6 clause 1 lit. a and b GDPR,

6. The recipients of personal data will only be persons authorized by the Administrator or authorized under the Act, and only to the extent necessary to perform the contract,

7. Personal data will only be stored for the duration of the consent or the duration of the contract. The data storage period may be extended by the period of limitation of the Service Provider's claims against the User related to the services provided by the Service Provider.

8. In relation to the processing of personal data, the data subject has the following rights:

a) the right to access your data and receive a copy thereof;

b) the right to rectify (amend) your data

c) the right to delete data, limit data processing;

d) the right to object to data processing;

e) the right to transfer data;

f) the right to withdraw consent to data processing at any time, with the withdrawal of consent without affecting the lawfulness of earlier processing,

g) the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

9. At any time, the person concerned has the right to request from the Administrator information whether personal data concerning him are being processed, and if this is the case, he is entitled to access them and the following information:

a) the purposes of the processing;

b) categories of relevant personal data;

c) information on recipients or categories of recipients to whom personal data have been or will be disclosed, in particular recipients in third countries or international organizations;

d) where possible, the planned period of storage of personal data and, if this is not possible, criteria for determining this period;

e) information about the right to request the administrator to rectify, delete or limit the processing of personal data regarding the data subject, and to object to such processing

f) information on the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority;

a) information on automated decision making, including profiling, as referred to in art. 22 paragraph 1 and 4 of the GDPR and - at least in these cases - relevant information about the rules for their taking, as well as about the significance and anticipated consequences of such processing for the data subject.

10. The Service Provider makes every effort to protect the Website along with the data processed on it, against unauthorized access by third parties, applies physical security measures, security systems securing access to servers and the Website as well as cryptographic solutions.



1. The User has the right to file complaints related to non-performance or improper performance by the Service Provider of the terms of service specified in the Regulations, including faulty settlement. The User may also report a malfunction of the Website or Mobile Application.

2. Complaints and information should be submitted via e-mail to the following address: bee@anybee.com and in writing to the address ul. Piekary 12a, 61-823 Poznan.

3. In order to facilitate the complaint procedure, the complaint should include:

a. the information on the User submitting the complaint, including his name and surname (name), address and email address,

a. the subject of the complaint and giving reasons for its submission.

4. If the complaint does not meet the conditions described in paragraph 3 above or if it is necessary for the proper consideration of the complaint, the Service Provider will inform the User about the need to complete it, specifying the scope of this supplement, with an indication of the deadline for its completion, not shorter than 7 (seven) days, together with the instruction that failure to complete the complaint within the indicated period will result will be leaving her without recognition.

5. The Service Provider within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the complaint will respond to it and notify the User about the way of handling the complaint, via e-mail.

1. The Service Provider informs that Users also have the option of using out-of-court complaint and redress methods, including mediation by, e.g. concluding a mediation contract or by submitting a case to a consumer court, for which the Service Provider must give additional consent. Detailed information on out-of-court consumer complaint consideration and redress procedures, as well as the rules for accessing these procedures are available at the headquarters and on the websites of poviat (municipal) consumer ombudsmen, Voivodship Inspectorates of Trade Inspection and at the following address of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection: www.uokik.gov.pl/spory_konsumenckie.php.



1. Each Party may terminate the contract for the provision of electronic services at any time and without giving reasons, subject to the rights acquired by the other party before the termination of the contract. In the case of Subscription services, the Agreement will be terminated after the given month in which the notice of termination was submitted. In the case of Booking, the contract will terminate after the selected rental period has expired.

2. The User terminates the contract by submitting a declaration of intent by deleting the Account or in the case of the Subscription service by resigning from this service submitted on the Website or Mobile Application.

3. The Service Provider terminates the contract by sending an appropriate statement to the User's e-mail address, if provided.

4. The Service Provider has the right to immediately block the Services in the event of a gross violation by the User of the provisions of these Regulations, payment for services rendered or the use of services, Website or Mobile Application, contrary to applicable law.

5. Due to the nature of the Reservation services, Users are not entitled to withdraw from the contract for these services.


1. The provisions of these Regulations shall enter into force after 14 days from the date of publication on the Website and constitute an integral part of the contract for the provision of electronic services concluded with the User.

2. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the Regulations. Information on changes together with the new wording of the Regulations and the planned date of entry into force will be delivered to the User via e-mail to the address indicated in his Account at least 7 days before their entry into force. The provisions of the previous version of the Regulations shall apply to orders placed by the User before the date of entry into force of these Regulations.

3. If the User does not accept the content of the new Regulations, he has the right to resign from using the Website or Mobile Application. If, before the date of entry into force of the proposed changes, the User does not object to the Service Provider regarding these changes, the User shall be deemed to have agreed to them.

4. The content of the version of the Regulations from before its changes is available on the Website.

5. Any comments, comments and questions regarding the operation of the Website may be sent to the following email address: @anybee.com

6. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and other generally applicable laws shall apply.

7. The Regulations shall enter into force on 01.03.2020 r


  1. Workplace reservations are binding, the payment per working day is certain, therefore if you receive a reservation, please book a workplace for our users. 
  2. Your workplace must be clearly marked and easy to find.
  3. Presented options and advantages of your workplaces will be checked at irregular intervals. It is important that you make only such promises that can be kept.
  4. Your workplace should be neat, clean and exemplary.
  5. We will take 20% commission from every booking. The remuneration will be paid every Friday. Each successful booking is binding, regardless of whether our user appears , works all day or uses your workplace for a few hours only. If your company is located in Poland, VAT should be added to all presented prices. Prices are subject to change at any time within a period of 14-days. If you do not agree with our pricing policy, please submit some written information for providing a new price list within 7 days. The prices are fixed individually by the partners.


  1. Please note that our prices include the internet, printer, scanner, and of course the workplace.
  2. Please allow our users to pay the same amount for additional benefits as your regular prices are.
  3. Users who despite admonishing behave in a negative manner, destroy your workplace or break the rule that only one person can occupy one work station can be thrown out. Please note that in case of doubt, we are on the side of users, and therefore sensible approach of both sides is very important. The person causing damage bears full responsibility.
  4. Show that you are the member of a anybee family and place our partner logo on your website + on your workplace.
  5. Keep in mind that you are a part of our little – big success story. We are grateful for all the advice, fair treatment of our users and contribution to the growth of our popularity. Whoever does good, good will be done to him and we show our appreciation for that.

Please send any complaints & comments by e-mail to bee@anybee.com.
Please note that any violation of our simple rules can lead to exclusion of your workplaces. 

Any legal case arising from this shall be heard in Poland, Poznan.
International Trade Law shall apply.

The contracting partner:
anybee services Sp. z o.o. 
ul. Piekary 12a
61-823 Poznan, Polen

The use of our service does not result in any fixed costs and additional fees. We receive only the agreed finder’s fee.