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Who are we?

Anybee is the service that allows you to rent a workspace all over the world. We set high standards for our partners which allows us to collect the best of players on the market in one place. Apply to our partnership network now and start getting new customers from the very first day of joining.

per space
per each booking
through Anybee
You will receive 75-80% of your daily fee per each booking. Anybee will transfer the accumulated funds to your account every Friday, including all customer bookings made up to 23:59 CET the previous day. Transactions will be processed via direct bank transfer. You will avoid charging any extra fees on-site for standard services such as Internet, a professionally outfitted workspace, or restroom access. There is no risk of cancellation: if one of our users decides to cancel their order, you still receive the agreed payment in full. The information about booking will be delivered to you via email just after the customer accomplished a reservation at our platform.

Customer base

Our customer base contains users who look for coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and conference rooms regularly. It makes us one of the biggest coworking platforms in the world and requires us to expand our partners' network. By neglecting our company, you are losing a tremendous opportunity of filling your coworking space with new members. We are taking care of all specifications of the process, such as payment, billing, detailed instruction of how to get to your place, and support services. You will get a 100% prepared customer. The only thing you need to handle is to greet the customers with a smile and show them their booked workspace.
Our customer profile is diverse. Between them, you can see owners of startups who look for a mobile solution for their organisation, as well as employees of corporations who, due to continuous business travel, need meeting rooms or a workplace to get things done. Last but not least popular segment of our customers is traveling freelancers, digital nomads who are used to work from coworking spaces all around the world. We will find the respective customer for any workspace you offer.

Marketing Cooperation

on social
After we verify your coworking space, we will highlight it on our social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.
Advertising campaigns
We will use your images for promotions on the Google Display Network and Facebook Audience Network. Having us between your business partners will increase your visibility on the market and will bring new members to your space.
Open for ideas
If you have any marketing offers for cooperation, please, let us know. We are open to fresh, creative ideas. Contact us

What standards should you meet?

You will ensure that your office is clean, easy to find, and equipped with a reliable Internet connection at all times. Anybee users are assured of having access to a professional workspace and restrooms.
Anybee must never be forced to compete with your existing long-term clients, or with regular companies and freelancers contracted for long-term coworking spaces in your office.
Inform your staff about Anybee company. Treat Anybee customers with respect and professionalism. Remember that all customer data remains the property of Anybee.
Anybee customers are to be contacted using Anybee website. Independent contacts via phone, email, social networks, or any other means are strictly prohibited without the permission of the customer.
Please provide us with truthful information, regarding to your coworking space, your contact data, and the availability of free desks. Any false information regarding any of the points mentioned above will cause the termination of our partnership.
You will highlight the Anybee logo in your coworking space at some visible spot. We will send you a welcoming pack from our company. Besides other things, this pack will contain unique stickers with Anybee logo and QR-code on them. This sticker needs to be placed some place visible in your coworking space. (At a doorbell, receptionist desk, etc.)